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Computer Crashes: How To Prevent Them

In this age of the Internet and digital technology, computers and gadgets are perhaps the most precious and popular tools and possessions of everyone. In fact, statistics of research institutions (i.e. We Are Socials and Internet World Stats) are one in their findings that more than half of the world’s population are using computers and similar gadgets and accessing the Internet. It is safe to say that majority of today’s populace is familiar with the computer and internet. However, not all of these users have the right knowledge and skills when it comes to maintenance and repair of computers. More specifically, not all know how to prevent a computer from crashing or breaking down. Thus in this article, I will present some basic tips in order to avoid computer crashes.

Do’s and Don’ts in Using a Computer

  • Regularly delete all the unnecessary files regularly. There are files in the computers that are duplicated. Visit the download folder and you will see some files that you have downloaded and copied to another folder. What is the use of keeping a copy? Delete them now. Furthermore, some files are either obsolete or irrelevant.
  • Arrange your folders systematically. By organizing your folders, you will find out which files are worth keeping and which files should be trashed.
  • Update your antivirus. Some antivirus are free while others come with a price. Consult your IT consultant or research on the Internet before you decide which antivirus to use. Some user forum sites have this topic in their conversations.
  • Regularly delete your cookie files. Most computers are, by default, cookie enabled. Just like the unnecessary files, cookies should be trashed because they can clog the memory and affect the performance of the computer.
  • Schedule a regular defragmentation. To defragment, you just need to go to your disk and click properties, then defragmentation. Do it regularly so that defragmentation will not take long and much of your time.
  • Do system updates regularly. If you can, update your system as soon as the new version is available. Old versions are more likely to crash than the new ones.
  • Do take care of your computer. Keep it away from heat, dust and moisture. One of the most popular causes of computer crashes is accidentally pouring liquid on it. Make sure that all liquids (water, juices and your other drinks) are kept at a distance. You also have to clean your computer regularly. Wipe the keyboard, screen and the back and top cover with a clean and dry cloth.