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Does An “Operating System Not Found” Message Mean My Data’s Gone?

Sometimes, using technological devices is a breeze. People can use it to communicate to people across the globe, do a lot of transactions, find entertainment, save loads of data, among many others. However, it is not all the time when everything runs smoothly. Errors happen and that is completely normal. One of them is receiving the “operating system not found” message.

Why It Appears?
Here are the ways that entail the appearance of such message:

  • The BIOS settings might be erroneous
  • The machine does not recognize the hard drive
  • There was a hard disk failure due to damages
  • The disk is corrupted

Those are the common reasons as to why this may happen. Again, his is normal and many users also experience this. However, this remains to be an alarming notice especially when it is the first time a user gets it. Mostly, the first thought is that the device cannot anymore function properly or that the data is already lost. When there are way too many important data in the device, it is expected to be agitated.

So, Is The Data Gone?
No, it is not. Getting that “operating system not found” notice does not automatically mean that the data you have in there is already gone! In fact, this problem can be fixed. There was just an error in the system. To fix this, there are several things that must be done. Fortunately, there are people who have this as their expertise. They can do the job for you.

How To Solve It?

  • Try navigating the BIOS
    Check if it can recognize the hard drive. If not, the boot drive may not be preferred. Know how to navigate through this until you reach the desired keys. Most often, this starts by pressing “escape” then “delete”. After that, the user selects one of the function keys.
  • Reset the BIOS and restart
    Doing this will make the settings turn into default. Go to the BIOS menu then select “Setup Defaults” or the “Reset BIOS” or any similar keys. After that, the machine will prompt to restart. When the machine is turned on again yet it still does not recognize the hard drive, it is probably time to look for other people to fix the problem already.
  • Manage boot records
    There might be an error occurring within those boot records in the system. To fix that, there is something that can be installed called the Media Creation Tool for creating Windows installation media.
  • Ask help
    If nothing else works or things sound too complicated, the best approach would be asking for help.